Integrated Production

Nakano Aviation integrated production achieves customer requirement by organizing members
who are experienced and have been engaged in aerospace industry,
by establishing production engineering, planning team, quality assurance team, and cooperating with well-experienced suppliers as "Team-Nakano".

Nakano and Team - Nakano delivers fully satisfactory product of customer expectation with cost, quality,
and delivery date from one part to assembly consisted from hundreds of parts when you provide 1 PO and drawing data.

Concept of integrated production
  • Provide integration management such as material purchasing, production planning, machining, special process, and assemblying
    under quality assurance management of Nakano Aviation.
  • Organize supply chain of "Team-Nakano" as customer requested to achieve integrated produciton.
  • Contribute improvement of quality, on- time delivery, cost reduction of inventory control, indirect cost, and inspection cost.
Material Procurement
  • We can cost-effectively procure materials such as metals, non-metals, composite, hardware, and chemicals by utilizing oversea branch.
  • In addition to this, we propose new material and advanced information to customer by updating industrial information.
Production engineering/
Production management
  • We propose proper process plan in accordance with customer quality requirement and product specification.
  • We also propose proper supply chain to achieve customer requirement.
Part machining


  • Allocate supplier who have been experiencing over 50 years in aerospace industry,

    able to process up to 5-axis machining.
  • Equipment

    • Hi-speed NC Machining Center, CNC Lathe, JIG Borer etc.
    • Applicable to process aluminum, steel, titanium, inconel etc.


  • Allocate supplier who have been experiencing over 30 years in aerospace industories,

    able to 90 degree sheeting to multi-sheeting.
  • Equipment

    • NC Router, NC Turret, Brake Press, Hydroforming, Roll Forming etc.
Special Process
  • Allocate supplier approved by NADCAP, Boeing and Airbus to provide ensuring e under robust quality assurance.
  • Example

    • Heat treatment: Steel, Aluminum etc.
    • Non-destructive Inspection: Penetrant Inspection, Magnetic Inspection etc.
    • Shot Peening
    • Surface Treatment: Chemical Conversion Treatment, Anodizing Process, Cadmium Plating, Zinc Nickel Plating etc.
    • Painting
  • Allocate supplier who have been engaging in aerospace industry for long time.
  • Moreover, our team is able to plan and prepare Jig-fixture, and its maintenance.
Quality Assurance
  • Receiving material and planning based on JIS Q 9100
    We establish a consistent quality assurance system up to the delivery of final products.
  • For each company of Team-Nakano, we periodically conduct supplier audit to improve quality management system.
Historical Order

Provision of "Integrated production" by Nakano Aviation has been supporting a variety types of aircraft.
Moreover, we have established quality assurance system according to international aerospace standard,
shifting from JIS Q 9001 to JIS Q 9100, following to worldwide trend.

QMS Certification
JIS Q 9001
JIS Q 9100
777 Shear Tie
777 SEC46 Panel 2007/8 ~ 2010/4
737 Balance Weight
737 NG 2013/8~
737 MAX 2015/10~
787 Rack & Panel Ass'y
787-8 2014/8~
787-9 2012/11~
787-10 2016/4~

We are also start delivering shims for C-2, machining parts such as Bulk Head etc from 2018.

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